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We are a family-run single company firmly established in the financial industry. In the course of this, we value continuity, trust and independence. We are always a long-term and reliable partner for our customers. SBF BUSER FINANCE stands for seriousness and professionalism and is an exclusive brand. That's why you should talk to us.

As an independent financial boutique, we offer our private and institutional clients many advantages. We are clearly different from the usual mass business. What you miss with large providers, we provide you in a concentrated, flexible and individual form. Of course, adapted to your needs.

Our customer service ist unique. We also combine tradition and innovation in the competent management and meticulously care of your assets. However, our services and support go far beyond that. That is why we offer our customers a wide range of services from one source. And all with a personal touch.

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The Multi-Family Office SBF BUSER FINANCE advises and accompanies individuals and families in the management and maintenance of family assets, including the associated companies. It offers various own financial services or provides external specialists. Important topics such as tax and liquidity planning, financial advice, asset management, investment projects, provision planning, insurance, succession and family regulations as well as legal disputes are treated professionally and confidentially by us. In addition, we also specialize in portfolio management for institutional clients, financial intermediaries and pension funds. Our experts keep track of developments that have an impact on the income and wealth situation and present forward-looking solutions. In order to relieve you and bring in your interests as owner, we represent you with qualified employees of our Family Office at your request in committees such as the board of directors, chairman or the foundation board and also take on fiduciary duties.


As a family office we have a total asset focus and a comprehensive competence. We look at your financial situation holistically and are therefore able to take over advisory, control and management functions in all asset classes. In doing so, we are solely committed to the interests of the asset owner and thus independent of the economic interests of third parties. Furthermore, the relationship between the family officer and the family he supports is based on full transparency, honesty and openness. The cornerstone of such a relationship is unrestricted integrity. Integrity in this context means in particular incorruptibility as well as the highest moral honesty and righteousness. In addition, we always have objectivity, fairness, professionalism, confidentiality and carefulness in our daily activities. And always with the sole aim of providing our clients with complete and discreet support in all administrative and financial matters in order to ensure control and security for their family now and in the future.





Our entrepreneurial spirit and clear values have always shaped the company and form the basis for continuity and independence. Furthermore, we deem neutrality, objectivity and fairness as a supporting pier of our activity.


The customer is always in the center of all activities with his needs. However, we do not only convince our customers through professional service. But above all by the fact that we live our philosophy daily.

Headquarters: CH-4462 Rickenbach BL

Company type: Family Office

Legal form: Individual companies

Owner: Stefan Buser

Professional experience: over 33 years, since 1986 in the banking and finance business and

since 1998 self-employed asset manager

Consultant register: BX Swiss AG -, Talstrasse 70, 8001 Zürich,, ID SB44185

Customer Segments: Private customers, professional and institutional customers

Professional Liability Insurance: Zurich Insurance Company

Association: Wirtschaftskammer Baselland, Haus der Wirtschaft, 4410 Liestal

Ombuds office: Ombudsstelle für Finanzdienstleister (OFD), Bleicherweg 10, 8002 Zürich, 

We are a family-run financial boutique rooted in the industry. As a financial advisor and portfolio manager we operate competently and responsibly in the environment of the markets, in a profiled and independent manner. In a more and more competitive, fast moving world of finance, in which it is increasingly cold, arrogant and power-obsessed, we are the quiescent pole and try to encounter the occurrence with warmth, understanding, honesty, decency and humanity. We understand our customers. We listen to them and we look after them long term and completely, without prioritizing our own benefit. Our philosophy and mission statement is therefore characterized by high moral, human and ethical demands on ourselves. And we are happy about every customer, whom we can help to achieve the desired form of satisfaction, success and self-realization. At our word and our advice is always reliable and we always work serious, professional and customer-oriented. Your trust is our highest good.


We provide our clients with comprehensive financial support and assistance in every private or business stage of life, from youth to old age. We consider your life as a great journey, which is comparable to crossing the ocean. On your journey, you will be faced with new problems and challenges again and again. We therefore help you to avoid the big problems and master the challenges elegantly. We understand our role as a kind of personal compass, that always shows you the right way. We warn you, when a storm comes up or you need to reset the sails, because you get stuck somewhere, you can not change the wind, or you have to sail around. At the same time we are your lighthouse, where you can always orient yourself on the open sea, which gives you securitiy and protects you in time to run aground. However, we also tell you, if you may come to calmer waters and safely throw the anchor. Our world thus rotates mainly around you. But employee satisfaction is also very important to us. Because only satisfied employees create satisfied customers.


SBF BUSER FINANCE is an exclusive brand. That´s why you should talk to us.

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Company factsheet

CEO, Stefan Buser



In our philosophy and our approach, we always focus on the customer as a person with his entire environment, his needs and his family This also includes his inclinations, his character, his preferences, his past, his goals and his professional or entrepreneurial activities. After all, even behind every company or profession there is a human being. That's why we start with a holistic approach and always include in our advice and planning those components that make up each person: stage of life, income, expenses, taxes, debts, obligations and assets. But even within these topics, we not only take into account coarse individual parts, but also break them down to obtain a holistic picture. Please note the following model:



The more information you give us, the better we can advise you. We therefore depend on you to tell us about yourself as openly and honestly as possible. We are good listeners and spend a lot of time to really understand all your concerns at the heart of the matter. This is the only way to build a basis of trust and we can guarantee to show you the right way respectively to offer the best solution. Therefore, do not just understand us as your compass in financial matters, but also as your very own personal adviser, to whom you can delegate individual tasks or a complete financial support to your own relief as needed. In this sense, we accompany you in different phases of your life, reliably and competently. However, we are more than just an asset management. We give your assets a home and your financial plans a secure future.

Together with various partners, we provide professional portfolio management services for institutional clients, financial intermediaries, asset managers, investment and pension funds. Our many years of experience guarantee above-average, consistent results, security and foresight. In this activity we also always act independently and neutrally, especially when defining the investment strategy and making investment decisions.

Financial Advice is high quality work for us. Our service is designed to satisfy the highest demands. We look forward to being there for your requests.

As your personal trustee, we handle various tasks for you quickly, reliably and competently. Thus, you can always be sure, that nothing is forgotten and gain additional free time.


Do you have questions? Please send us a message. We are glad to be here for you.

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Postal and domicile address:


Hauptstrasse 36

CH-4415 Lausen


+41 061 923 03 36



+41 079 372 79 36





Hochbergerstrasse 70

CH-4057 Basel



Our business address in the "Stücki Village" is in a prime location in the border triangle in the city of Basel, near the Basel Mulhouse airport. There are 850 parking spaces in the basement and the accessibility by public transport is excellent. Especially international and institutional customers are welcome at this location by appointment. Please contact the reception on the 1st floor at Regus.


Hauptstrasse 36

CH-4415 Lausen



We would be pleased to welcome you at our easily accessible partner domicile in the country village of Lausen on the 2nd floor, room no. 205. The top modern business centre is located directly behind the Coop petrol station and offers sufficient free parking for motorised customers. Train and bus stops are also within walking distance. Furthermore, we are not far from the cantonal capital Liestal, where all important institutions and well-known hotels and restaurants are located.