We create transparency and clarity through a holistic analysis of your financial situation, because our knowledge is not limited to securities. Various assets, such as real estate, liabilities or pension assets, are also taken into account in our consultations and considerations. Furthermore, we include issues relating to taxes, inheritance planning and pension planning. Accordingly, we offer the following services in the field of financial advice:


  • Income and pension planning
  • Tax advice, tax optimization
  • Financial and Investment advice
  • Financing advice
  • Estate planning
  • Early retirement planning
  • Legal advice


Financial planning is  high quality work for us. Our service is designed to satisfy the highest demands. We look forward to being there for your requests.

- sustainable & purposeful -



Of course, we gladly take over financial advice for small and medium-sized companies after a free initial consultation. The conditions are guided by the respective costs and are in line with the general tariffs. Often we support a company for several years to ensure the success of our consulting activities.


Our offer of financial advice for companies:


  • Balance sheet analysis and tax optimization
  • Advice on strategic and financial issues
  • Advice on pension solutions
  • Financing advice
  • Takeover of directorships
  • Support raising capital
  • Financial and Investment advice


Our many years of experience and our expertise in the daily work with companies can also provide your company with valuable input. Take advantage of this opportunity and equip yourself for a successful future. We are happy to assist you with words and needs.